Lesley brings to you 20 years of teaching experience. As an ERYT 500 (experienced registered yoga teacher), Lesley was first introduced to yoga and its incredible healing powers after a severe car accident. Her training and teaching started at the Yoga College of India in Fort Lauderdale where she received her certification in 1995. Through her evolution she went on to start the yoga programs at two community hospitals, Holy Cross and Broward General where she was trained in the Dean Ornish Healthy Heart Program.

In the year 2000, she ventured into the opening of her own yoga studio. Over 20 classes per week were offered, as well as various types of workshops. At that time, she also became affiliated with STARS Academy of Broward College (Steering Teens Towards Academic Rewards and Success). She taught in their HANDY program (helping abused neglected dependent youths). After three years with HANDY, Lesley’s energy and heart was drawn to Horses and the Handicapped, a nonprofit equine therapy facility. She volunteered with H and H for quite a few years, donating proceeds from her teaching to the organization. She also taught yoga classes to the staff and students, expanding the discipline of yoga to all involved with the H&H family.

Currently, Lesley has a studio in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, where she offers over 10 classes per week, workshops and private sessions. As Lesley encourages you to set your intentions, her intention as a teacher through her classes is to build and strengthen the tools we need to respond to the challenges and chaos of life. So make your health and continuous growth a priority! As you step onto your mat, Lesley holds space for each and every student creating a fun — loving safe experience for all. Lesley honors any of your questions and can be reached at the contact information.


  • Lesley Kleiner
  • capalupa at aol dot com
  • 954-492-1214

Allow me to introduce myself, share my pilgrimage into yoga, and why I became a yoga instructor. My name is Lesley Kleiner and I am an ERYT 500 in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. At a transitional time of my life, burnt out from one career and not really sure what I wanted to do next, I started a cleaning service. My family found this to be quite ironic, as I didn’t know we had underground garbage cans. A friend at the time was running a yoga studio and needed someone to clean it. That was one foot into the yoga world, allowing me to witness the increadible healing powers of yoga.

Through this transitional time, I was in a car accident where I suffered severe neck and back injuries, as well as surgery for TMJ. After years of physical therapy, pain killing drugs and steroids, I finally decided to give the discipline of yoga a try, although fighting it tooth and nail. During my first class, I couldn’t even raise my arms above my head, turn my neck to one side or even attempt to bend forward. Something kept telling me to go back.

I was encouraged to come every day for three months with the guarantee it would change my life, and did it ever! It was by no means an easy fix, but the sense of well-being I felt after each class made me make that commitment. Learning to accept what we can do and not what we can’t do, allowed the practice to bring me back to my own empowerment. I re-connected to my own body’s ability to heal. We all have the incredible ability to heal, we just tend to lose the lines of communication to our own body wisdom. Yoga reopened those lines for me so much and I had found my new direction… Yoga Instructor.

I have now been pain-free for years and have taught for the past 20 years. I’ve started the yoga programs in two of our community hospitals as well as having owned my own studio, which I have since sold. Currently, I still teach classes, workshops and privates. Sharing my experience with students, hodling space for each and everyone, encourages them to pause into the nothingness, listen and breathe.

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